Monday, July 15, 2013

A Replica of Creation

It's been a weird weather week in Denver.  Yesterday it went from quiet and dry to monsoon in about 10 minutes.  Splash & dash... then it was gone.

We own a lovely 1997 Saab convertible.  It's popularly known as "The Goose" because the 900 SE looks like "goose" when spelled out.  My wife wanted to drive it today, but this morning was cool and she doesn't deal well with that.  I ended up with the Saab, which I couldn't have planned better.

There's nothing I like more than zooming around in cool weather with the top down.

I left Downtown Denver just in time today.  It was spitting rain, but never caught hold.  I drove fast, and broke free, like I was trying to cheat the weather.  I should have known it would catch up.

I was clipping along the highway with the top down, the music up, feeling the wind, and enjoying the 360 degree view when I noticed what looked like severe weather off in the distance, to my left.  Were those funnel clouds?  Little twisty hooks, hanging down from the clouds?

Just being around thunderstorms gets my jazz up.  My heart beats faster.  Imagine the joy and excitement I felt from the experience!  It was Heaven!

But I was so fixated on the possible tornadic activity to the east that I didn't see the wall of water I was about to drive into!


Already drenched, from just a few seconds in the downpour, I pulled over, put the top up, and started drying the seats.

It occurred to me that, as a writer, I can't make stuff like this up.  I mean, I can.  But it wouldn't be this perfect.  The wonder of God's world, in all its splendor, is difficult to capture in mere words.  And yet we try.

I became more humble, as a writer, today.  I will try to imitate the Creation.  But my creation is just a replica.

Nevertheless, I think He smiles when I write.  To paraphrase Eric Liddell's character, from Chariots of Fire, when I write, I feel His pleasure.

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