Monday, June 24, 2013

Introducing... Author Edwin Hanks

I'm not a "new author" -- I'm a newly published author.  Or I will be, in a few weeks.

For many years, I've had dozens of stories trying to get out of my head, with varied degrees of success.  Beginning in a few weeks, I will be self-publishing fiction stories for download as e-books.  They call this "indie-publishing", and I will be an "indie-author."  Ideally, these independent efforts will be noticed by an agent, or a publisher, and they will sign me up.

I have concepts in my head, many of which are already outlined or partly written, for something like a half-dozen novel trilogies and a dozen more books besides!  Plus dozens more short stories, around certain themes.  I just need time (and money) to publish them -- to get them out of my head and onto the printed page.

My stories, novels and trilogies will run the gamut, from high fantasy, to science fiction, to historical, to alternative historical fiction (a rather unique genre where the setting is historical, but the course of history gets shifted, subtly, from what really happened).

These will not be my first published books or stories.  For several years I produced strategy guides for historical strategy games -- Europa Universalis III, Hearts of Iron 3, Victoria 2, etc.  I actually have nearly a thousand pages in print already -- it's just not published under my name.

I have a gift for writing.  It's one of those God-given special talents I was born with.  It's been my passion for my whole life.  I've always known I was meant to be an author.  It has just taken me 40 years to get around to fulfilling that dream.

I've been telling stories since I was a young kid.  I wrote a dinosaur play when I was 4, and convinced my friends to perform in it for the neighbors.  By 8 I was writing my first science-fiction novel (seriously! - 200 single-spaced typewritten pages) on the family's manual typewriter. 

By 11, I was playing sophisticated tabletop wargames (Avalon Hill, SPI, Task Force Games), and by 12 I was writing stories about these games, about characters who supposedly lived in the "world" of the wargame.  For instance, as the Soviets supposedly invaded Berlin in 1985 (Berlin '85 - an SPI game), I imagined what it would be like to be a policeman, or the policeman's family, or a radio broadcaster, during the invasion.  And I wrote those stories.

Over the years, these two things -- writing and gaming -- have been tremendous hobbies for me.  And in many ways they've gone hand-in-hand.  I've always written stories about my games.

When I found the Paradox Forum I realized other people did this too.  They're called "after action reports" -- AARs.  It's like fanfiction for a game.  I've written a number of these AARs over the years, and three of them have included a variety of "alternative historical fiction" scenes.  On this blog, I will occasionally post samples of writing from those stories, or from new ones.

I really value those people who take the time to express their appreciation for my writing.  Constructive criticism is welcome too -- that's how a writer develops.  I deeply covet the advice which has been given to me, over the years, by denizens of the Paradox Forums, where I've posted my game-related fiction.  The combination of feedback and encouragement, together with the self-realized knowledge that I can actually craft a comprehensive storyline from beginning to end, is why I'm here now, putting my name and talents out there for new readers to see.

It helps to have a wife who believes in me.  She has been a tireless champion, and has encouraged me to go follow my dream.  That support is crucial, and I hope to be able to support her through my writing.

If you like my writing style -- if I can get you to imagine you're there, in these stories -- I am asking that you to please help me establish myself as an author so I can do what I really love (and so you can read what you really love to read).  There are some of the important ways you can help, which is how you get to read more of these stories!

First, please subscribe to this blog, so that I can keep you informed of my new stories.  Like my author page on Facebook.  Follow me on Twitter.   Most importantly, though, please read my stories and tell your friends about them.  I will list them here, as they are published. 

Thank you very much for your readership, for your comments, for your support in spreading the word, and for your confidence in me as a writer whose writing you enjoy and can't wait to read more of.


Edwin Hanks

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